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Breeding Aim


The original studbook of Kinsky horses (PK KK) has been recorded since 1832. The breed went through various stages. During the former totalitarian regime, there was an effort to mix the breed with the Czech thoroughbred.  Within the first decade following the recognition of the Kinsky horse breed by MzeČR (“the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic” ), i.e. 2005 – 2015, a regeneration procedure was underway aiming to build on the original Kinsky horses. During this period, a great emphasis was put, among other thing, on the ratio of the original genes of the Kinsky horses (PG KK). A set of mares was selected, upon which the KK breed will be based for the next period. The breed will be focused on a noble warm-blood of correct appearance, with good movement and jumping abilities, easy-to-ride, with good intelligence, a desire for work, good health and prevailing colour of palomino and cream.


An adult horse is of a medium body frame with fine lines, proportionally angular with a dry fundament, without any apparent or genetic conditional defects. It can be used for classical riding disciplines and for recreation riding including in open country (e. g. game hunting).



Body measurements



Height in withers – stick /KVH/

159 – 166 cm

162 – 168 cm

Canon perimeter

19.5 – 21.5 cm

20.5 – 22.0 cm



The proposal of committee negotiated on 24.02.2015


Approved by VH SCHKK on 01.03.2015


Approved by Mze, dated 13.05.2015